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Patrick Maus is a German born fashion, beauty and portrait photographer living in Los Angeles. He left his hometown about 10 years ago looking for adventures and the unknown in the United States. Ignorance is bliss and without much further thought and a camera in the bag he left for sunny California.

Los Angeles being the hub of the film industry influenced Patrick’s desire to create, experiment and express himself in new ways. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts became his home and creative workplace for three years. It was in these three years that he learned that his drive to create changed to him being behind the camera more than anything else.

He found himself working at The David LaChapelle’s Studio after finishing his studies of the Dramatic Arts. A year working on exciting and over the top photo shoots at the studio made Patrick want to pursue photography even more so.

In 2011 he build up the studio and since then the ride has not ended. Connecting with many of LA’s most sought after fashion brands such as John Elliott (voted GQ’s Best Menswear Designer of 2016) and For Love & Lemons (LA’s most sought-after Dress, Swim & Lingerie Designer) has helped Patrick to make a name for himself which led to a many new adventures with shoots not only in Los Angeles but internationally to produce Fashion & Advertising campaigns.

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